since childhood have been relishing this awesome SINDHI tikki along with chole from chembur SINDHI camp in mumbai. Nothing beats the memory of this. Simple tasty and soulful RECIPE.  Do try out this simple recipe and let me know how u like it.
1. Potatoes boiled half kg
2. Bread slices 3 to 4
FOR the filling
1. Bengal gram 4tbsp
2. Salt
3. Green chillies 3
4. Coriander leaves chopped 3tbsp
5. Mint leaves 2tsp
6. Red chilly powder 1tsp
7. Dry mango powder 1tsp
1. Mash potatoes
2. Dip bread slices in water for few seconds and squeeze out. Add into potatoes and add salt
3. For filling wash dal well place in cooker with half tsp salt and half cup water give one whistle and reduce flame to cook for 10 mins.
4. Remove from fire let pressure drop.  Drain the dal and add mint leaves coriander leaves green chillies and powdered masala to dal and mix
5. Take handful of potatoes mixture flatten in between palms.. put the stuffing dal and close and give shape of tikki.
6. In a kadhai deep fry them for sometime .
7. Serve with green chutney and ketchup