Simple and staple curry of Sindhis tastes best with rice . This curry has minimum spices and lots of taste to go on with you on your comfort food days. Do try out this simple recipe and let me know how u like it.
1. Spinach chopped  700 grams
2. Chana dal 1 cup soaked for 10 mins
3. Tomato chopped 1
4. Onion chopped 1
5. Green chillies finely chopped 3
6. Mixed veggies potato carrot cabbage 1 cup
7. Red chilly powder 1 tsp
8. Garlic crushed 7 to 8
1. In a pressure cooker take chana dal palak onions tomatoes salt and mixed veggies. Cook for 20 mins remove from fire mash the palak.
2. In a small tempering vessel add oil and fry garlic crushed. Once they turn pink add red chilly powder and add this tempering to the dal palak mixture.
3. Serve hot with rice and sindhi papad.