This recipe has no cmc gms condensed milk corn flour non dairy whipping cream or any stabilizers or preservatives . Its milk and its products. Do try this simple recipe and let me know how you like it.  
INGREDIENTS  For ganache 

1. Milk.   1/4 cup 
2. Fresh cream 1/4 cup 
3. Pure chocolate 250 grams 
4. Sugar 3 tbsp
5. Cocoa powder 1tbsp 
For base 
Fresh cream 450 grams chilled. 

1. In a saucepan add milk and sugar let sugar dissolve add cocoa powder cream and chopped chocolate. Let it melt . Keep aside to cool.
2. Take chilled fresh cream beat with a beater for 5 minutes. Add the cooled ganache .
3. Mix well keep in airtight container. Freeze overnight 
4. Enjoy with chocolate sauce or just like that 




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  1. Hello Sahana, came across the blog through foodies central group on Facebook. Loved the recipe as this is extremely simple. I started making ice cream back in 1998-1999 and around that time I had learnt it with CMC & GMS. I wanted to know what brands do you recommend for pure chocolate. I know Callebaut & is there any other brand, what you may suggest. Also, my daughter is a big fan of Baskin & Robbins’ Bavarian chocolate, is there any brand which can give me close to that flavour? Thank you!

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