The first time I had this dessert in bohri thaal arranged by the bohri kitchen in colaba at their residence. Till then I never knew this red veggie could be moulded to give lovely halwa… it’s a very easy simple and a but unique dessert. Do try out this simple recipe and let me know how u like it.
1. Beetroot  shredded half kg
2. Whole milk 1 litre
3. Sugar as required
4. Cardamom powder 1/ 2 tsp
5. Nutmeg powder 1/ 4 tsp
6. Salt a pinch
7. Mawa  100 grams
8. Ghee 4tbsp
1. In a wide pan add 2tbsp ghee and saute the shredded betroot for 15 minutes .
2. Add milk sugar and cook till milk evaporates
3. Now add mawa salt cardamom and nutmeg powder.
4. Cook for more 10 minutes.
5. Serve hot